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Specific Vocational Training courses include a workplace training credit to their curriculum. This credit becomes a subject that has to be evaluated and passed in order to obtain the corresponding qualification. The origins of this decision are founded in the former Vocational Training, where voluntarily, most of the students did their internships in well-known companies. As a result of the highly positive assessment of this experience and the very purpose of Vocational Training, approximately 20% of the total hours of the course have been dedicated to students to do their internships in a real labour environment related to the studies taken, closer to production the longer they stay in the company.

In order to improve the coordination system of internships in companies, we use management tools and support a webpage, making the work of our internships tutors more effective. The planning of the Training in Centre and in Companies programme is based on the activity that we agree to carry out with the companies, where some tutors will guide the learning process of students and help teachers of the centre to monitor and evaluate the contents, attitudes and skills acquired during the time spent at the workplace.

Our Study Centre has been teaching Vocational Training for more than 75 years in different professional braches and therefore enjoys extensive experience.

It is important to make clear that the training at workplaces is a great tool for professional guidance. Not only because of the tasks that students will carry out but also because they will have the opportunity to meet experienced professionals who will train them and inform them about the expectations in the different specialties that make up a professional family and especially, students will be able to experience, if what they are preparing for is their true vocation or if they have to redirect their interests to other fields or productive sectors.

Obviously the Training in Workplaces meets another fundamental purpose for us as it is job placement. The data of our centre is that upon completion of the studies (after 6 months), more than 90% of former students are working, studying or doing both activities at the same time. More than 70% of them work doing what they studied for. Certainly more than acceptable results for a type of training that is not yet as well-known in our society.