ALMI Studies Centre is a private facility approved by the Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture to teach vocational training in the administrative, IT and health branches.

We provide with training both students who come from the educational system, as well as working people who want to get retrained or who are unemployed. The continuous adaptation of the training to the labour market needs and the maintenance of the commitment to the economic and social environment are included in the Mission and Values of the Centre.

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ALMI started its activity in 1939 with non-formal teachings for the training of administrative assistants and secretaries, with the headquarters in the Gran Via of Bilbao. In the late 50s it moved to the Plaza del Ensanche. In 1970 with the creation of Vocational Training, ALMI ended up having 33 classrooms and 1,300 students.

The educational reform in vocational training and the disappearance of the First Degree meant a great reduction in the number of classrooms and students.


In 2003, ALMI moved to its current location, continuing its commitment to vocational training, apart from administrative training. Currently, there are 14 arranged classrooms and approximately 300 students in training courses plus those students in training courses to workers and unemployed people.

In July 2008 the company became a Private Limited Liability Company, and its own workers became the current holders of it.