To find and implement corrective actions in the behavior of young people between 15 and 19 years of age who come to the center.




Give the possibility to 7 Vocational Training students (Intermediate Level) to carry out their internships in European countries: Portugal and Malta.



Expand the cultural knowledge of their students and to function in an unknown environment.


Tecnologia e Metodologia ao Serviço da Educação e Cidadania

Use technology and active methodologies at the service of education and students.

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Communication and International Project

ALMI Studies Centre is a private facility approved by the Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture to teach vocational training in the administrative, IT and health branches. We provide with training both to students who come from the educational system, as well as working people who want to get retrained or who are unemployed.

ALMI is a centre which is specialized in the administration and especially in the IT industry, where two intermediate-level courses and three advanced-level courses are taught in addition to the administrative course of basic vocational training. ALMI counts on facilities with cutting-edge technology in computers where all types of projects are developed between students and teachers, related to computer science, robotics, networks…

In the current socioeconomic context, vocational training is taking a very important role according to the training needs in our society. In Almi we are aware of this, and therefore we are constantly adapting ourselves to the changes that are taking place in the labour market. In this new setting, internationalisation is crucial and therefore, Almi is developing a medium-term strategy to be become a collaborating centre with different technological centres, companies and international organisations.

Letter of Vocational Training Mobility 2016-2020

With the signing of the Letter of Vocational Training Mobility 2016-2020, our institution confirms that supports European modernisation and internationalisation programme in vocational training. It also undertakes to fulfil the obligations in order to obtain the highest quality according to the commitments of the ERASMUS+ programme. The mobility of students, teachers and non-teaching personnel, in addition to the involvement in international cooperation projects means an improvement in the quality of vocational training programmes as well as professional and personal growth of the student.

The centre acquires the commitment to contribute to the internationalization of vocational training through different actions:

  • Training students with technical and transversal skills that society and the labour market demand.
  • Strengthening of quality through mobility and international cooperation.
  • Bonding vocational training, research and quality of employment to the development of the community.
  • Improving management processes and funding.

In ALMI we are aware that each centre must adapt to human and financial resources in order to create a plan that involves different levels of the centre, which must be based on shared responsibility, developing activities to achieve these goals. We must enhance learning, languages, promote rapprochement between cultures and make a bid to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between different countries. We should get international relations to be something usual and a characteristic of the centre.

In this regard, we face this challenge with a long way to go but we have already taken our first steps. This year we have had several experiences of mobility of students in European countries, where they have performed their duties in foreign companies. In addition, the centre has arranged some visits, where teachers will travel to Portugal to establish some kind of link or joint project with the centres.

Certainly, the learning acquired from these experiences added to the fact that ALMI has an extensive experience in education, will allow us to safely move forward and to consolidate ourselves as a promoter centre of internationalisation in all areas in the future.

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