We are a worker owned company that operates in the education sector, approved by the Public Administration and whose mission is the comprehensive development of people responding to work and training requirements of the labour market. Therefore, we offer different types of training to facilitate both entering the labour market and improving the skills of workers. We are fully committed to educational excellence, based on the high qualifications of the personnel in the Centre and the knowledge of the needs of companies, in a positive, creative and inclusive educational environment.


We expect to become a recognised centre because of: The development of new models of the relationship between the company and the centre The promotion of entrepreneurship among our students The excellence in management The level of social commitment to the environment


Customer Orientation:
Taking into account that the backbone of our activities is the customer and meeting their needs and expectations.

Spirit of Innovation:
The duty to actively seek for innovations and improvements that contribute to the sustainable development of our business.

Coordinated and cohesive action for the achievement of our Mission and Vision, combining the common and individual goals, sharing knowledge.

Admitting that all people have the right to freely express their opinions, accepting all differences and the established common rules.

Social Commitment:
Respect for our social values and the link to our environment.