The project “Beyond our environment” was born from the curiosity of two small centers, on the one hand the ALMI Study Center in Bilbao, and on the other, the Scola Profissional de Serviços de Cidenai in Santo Tirso, to give their students to learn in environments beyond the classroom. These two centers, joined by chance, and having found common ground in their educational objectives, decide to jointly create this project to broaden the cultural knowledge of their students and that they learn to function in an unknown environment.

From this close collaboration with Santo Tirso, a project arises that has three different branches:

We see it as important to give Basic Vocational Training students a boost in their education, especially their transversal skills. For this reason, four of our second-year FPB students will carry out a twelve-day mobility to the small town of Santo Tirso. There, they will carry out activities with the reception center and learn to live outside their comfort zone.

We also believe that taking FCTs in a foreign country provides the skills demanded by companies today. For this reason, four of our students will carry out their professional practices in Portuguese companies, based near Santo Tirso.

Finally, two of our teachers will travel to the Cidenai center to provide training in robotics.

In this first year, it is expected that the bases of a long and lasting cooperation will be established, so that the students of the center have the possibility of carrying out the mobilities that are so important to grow as people. Therefore, thank you for the support that ERASMUS+ gives us when it comes to financing these activities, which without support it would be impossible for us to offer.